Friday, September 4, 2009

Practice Being Grateful

When I am able to see an improvement over yesterday, even if it’s small, I have grown a little and I’ve taken a first step forward in taking charge of my own world. When problems arise in my life, I take them in stride. I no longer allow problems or worries twist me into a nervous wreck. When I truly listen, with my heart and not my mind, I am able to hear God speaking to me. The voice I hear is not a roaring sound from on high but a still small voice coming from within. God speaks to me simply, down to earth, maybe an inner nudge on how to do something in a different way or view a situation or circumstance from another perspective, the kind of help that I can relate to.

Each morning I start my day with gratitude! I make a written list of everything that I’m truly grateful for, from the subtle to the profound. Sometimes I make a mental list. I even find the courage to be grateful for the challenges I’m facing at any given time. This helps me to see myself being transformed into the Spiritual Being that I am. Consciously what happens is when I begin to change my inner space, my thoughts, and redirect my emotions, away from what I’ve been doing and getting the same result, it’s then and only then that I begin to see the light and gain the light of understanding.

The direct benefit for me is that when I begin to practice what the light has given me. Does it happen overnight, a week, month, year, five years, 10 years, maybe not, but over time, the more I put into practice, or even have the intent to practice my enlightenment, the closer I get to being the best spiritual being that I can be.



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