Monday, March 3, 2008

Thouhgts and Words -- Something to Think About

Dear Friend,

Here is something to not only “think about” but seeds that can be contemplated or meditated upon as you go about your busy lives today. We're all are, I would I guess, endeavoring to become a truth unto ourselves (if we're not already there) “so that wherever we are, we RECOGNIZE [emphasis added] the presence of God..." and see the God in other beings.

“Thoughts, words, and acts are seeds sown, and, by the inviolable law of things, they produce after their kind. - Above Life's Turmoil Thoughts are powerful as are our actions. Words too are powerful. I put effort into using words to uplift, bring light, encourage and empower but words can be dream-killers also. You know the old adage, “It’s not what you say -- it’s how you say it.” Well, it’s true. I say it’s true because it is for me. I learn a lesson in that area every single day in my journey here on planet earth. In the not too distant past, I used many dream-killer words, not really giving thought to the words that I spoke to myself as well as to others. Like, when asked, “How is life treating you?” My response would sometimes be like, “My life sucks, right now,” or when challenges were coming every which way, “When it rains it pours.” Mm, now that I’ve learned (am still learning) that when speaking in that manner, I was only manifesting more of those thoughts into my world and as I look back, I now realize the truth was that I got more of those thoughts that I turned into words and my life reflected it.

A Spiritual Law or Universal Law, “when we speak something we give power to it.” When we increase our belief in some on thing, anything, we give power to it.” What words are you thinking, what words are you speaking? Many people just love to “speak” their mind. How many times have you heard (or maybe you’ve said it yourself), “I’m the type of person who speaks my mind!” Well, the mind sometimes get in the way of the heart, or what you really want to say and will oftentimes lead you to say what you wished to say, the wrong way. Think about the connection between the words you speak and the challenges that you’re experiencing.
Teachings of most all faiths to one extent or the other, acknowledge that the spoken word has “power.” “Hindu writings tell of yogis that have used mantras to light fires, materialize physical objects like food and even influence the outcome of battles. In the Christian Bible, we find these words in the Gospel of Mark, "those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith." So, I would like to suggest you, “Say what you mean, but don’t be mean saying it.” Mm, something to think about…

Love and Blessings,


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